Research Thrusts

PCSI’s approach to research centers on inter-connected, solid foundation for user-inspired fundamental research in advanced photonic materials, devices, systems, and packaging (including laser machining, coating technologies, etc.) augmented by:


  • Testing in real world environments
  • Laboratory calibration and validation
  • Fundamental theory development

PCSI Assesses projects into three main areas:

  • Free Space Optical Communications (COMM)
  • LiFi (embedded within lighting)
  • Visible Light Communication for Vehicles
    1. Automobile
    2. Air and Sea
    3. Satellite
  • Chip and board-level optical links
  • Specialized/Photonic and Plastic optical Fiber applications (FIBER)
    1. Semiconductor Optical Fibers and Applications
    2. Plastic Optical Fiber System
      1. For large data centers, servers, and supercomputing
      2. Plane/ship/vehicle data networks
    3. Lighting applications
  • Remote Sensing and Optical Interrogation (SENSE)
    1. Optical positioning
    2. Embedded sensing
      1. Within vehicle and lighting systems
      2. Fiber-based Sensing (e.g. medical analytics)
      3. Spectrometry
      4. Laser ranging, Lidar, etc.

For more information about PCSI or to become a member, contact us at For specific examples, see News and Projects.

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